Tyre Changing Tools



11085 22T Air/Hydraulic Service Jack




11100 40/20T Pneumatic Service Jack




11094 50/25/10T Pneumatic Service Jack




11302 30T Shop press W/Air/Hydraulic Pump




14048 Truck Tire Changer-Semi Automatic, 14″-26″




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SAIL 4- Stroke Outboard Motors 9.9HP $2200 AND 15HP $2400




14579 5Gallon Quick Tyre




14607 Big Tubeless Tire Changing Tool Kit




14624 Two-Speed Labor-saving Wrench 1:58




20073 Pulse Spray Pneumatic Cleaning Gun








24183 Plastic Air Hose Reel 6.5*10mm,19M




14052 Wheel Balancer,Motor power:110V/220V/380V 250W. Max wheel weight:65kg.Rim width:1.5″-15″. Rim diameter:10″-28″. Balancing accuracy:+-1G.




14067 Truck Wheel Balancer,Motor power:110V/220V/380V ,260W. Max wheel weight:200kg,Rim width:13″-20″. Rim diameter:12″-24″. Max wheel diameter:33″/51″. Measuring time:8-12s.







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